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Happy is the man who does not go in the company of sinners, or take his place in the way of evil-doers, or in the seat of those who do not give honour to the Lord.
Psalms 1:1

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Worldwide Outreach Teaching School


Founder: Dr. Meiman Lai Saidi



You maybe have a tuff time but God equip you, empower you to be victory.  God knows what you are going through, He said raise up in faith, arm you with strength. If that is impossible or difficulty, but I am not going to give off, my arms have the strength for the battle, I’m sure I’m going to staying strong; you are a child of almighty God. He can do power in you, you are not only an arms from God, you are indangers of the enemies.  You have your smile in your face, you do the right thing even the wrong thing come to you, when you raise up in faith like that, you allow God to fight battle for you.


Quit to say these to you, ‘I can’t do that; it is too hard for me’.  You have the most powerful force inside of you.  You must pray every day, ‘I am willing, I can do all things through Christ, I am a Victor not a Victim.  I have a power to overcome, when you do that, something happened of your inside.  You are getting strong, we all have something against us, you may be in a storm, but the whole key is doing.  Let the storm get you, staying determined.  You’ve been arm with strength, it is so important that we see ourselves, and we will never let our enemy be above ourselves. If you see yourself as a weak defeated, if you develop an image inside of you, to see yourself the way God sees you, determine, courage, strong, worth to be conquer, see yourself that way .


I heard about a man, who was in a post office with his son, and the little boy saw pictures on the wall, those pictures were showing the police were looking for ‘most wanted’.  The little boy asked his dad, what does it mean?  The father explained to him, he said, ‘Why they did not keep them when they were taking their pictures?” You think, if the enemy had a post office, do you realize your picture will be up there? The way he sees you in danger, you have the power to be victorious; the power to endure your tough times. 


If you have a wrong image inside of you, sometime you are a victim, you have two jobs, and you got a sickness.  No, you are not an victim, no matter what comes your way in life, the created universal is already has every thing you need. Nothing is too much for you, if it was God would not allow it.


When the time you get up, you have to say to yourself, ‘I have strength to overcome, I have power to endure. Every morning, when you first get up, the power with you, you have to have a mind, ‘I’m ready for this day, I’m equipped, put on the full armor of God, I have empower, I got my belt of truth buckled round my waist; with the breastplate of righteousness in place; I got my shoes of peace; I got the shield of faith to shot the evil one; I got my helmet of salvation; the sword of the Spirit,which is the word of God.  I’m speaking God’s words. We are getting empower of the day.  Get rid of what you feel that you cannot do, get rid of any negative thought, we should be thinking of this, ‘I’m well able, nothing is too hard for me; I’m more than conquered, I’m strong, do that, you will fill strength, determination. 


If you don’t get happy where you are most likely you won’t get what you want to be.  I heard a friend was taking a chemo – theology for the third time. He is determined, he is not going to sit back and doing nothing, his arms with the strength with, every time I see him, he is always with smile on his face. I tried to encourage him, but he is encouraging me.  You maybe are facing difficulty like that, but you can define it, nothing is too hard for our God.  Where you are is no surprise to God, your attitude should be, ‘these things are not going to defeat me, I still have my joy, I’m going to be strong until the day God takes me home.  If you have firm inside, nothing is going to defeat you from outside. When you get out in the morning, we don’t feel as if we need to go to work, we all do. But you tell yourself, ‘I am able to do this, I’m, and not only go to work today, I’m going to have a good attitude.  You maybe have a child who get you nerves, God knew that child came from not accident, be determine.  Well, I don’t like to clean house today, you’d better get up and start to clear that house, so you can mop out the enemy.  Just make sure you don’t mop out your children there.  You may have a thousand reasons to live in a negative and depressed home.  You should get up and said, ‘This is the day the Lord has made.’ I am going to have a right attitude.


If you sow a seed and doing a right thing, you will fill strengthen, Colossian 3:12 saying ‘clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.’  We can just put these principles inside of us, what comes to my way is not too much for me, God is in control and I have the power to endure it.  You may work in a place that you don’t like people over there, the environment is negative, you think about, ‘I can’t stand in this place, I don’t like these people.’  You say, ‘God, This is you give me right now, I may not like it, I’d like to have another job, but if something opens up, I will receive your strength, I have a good attitude and the power you gave to me.


A friend is taking care of his elderly parent, it is very difficult, he is mowing the lawn, taking care of the house, every once in a while he start to get a complaint.  But this is the season God give us now, it maybe more difficult than other seasons, God already knew that you are going to be here, with a good attitude and receiving a strength that even you can enjoy it.  And remember, season change, you may be in a tough season right now; having raised a child is very difficult. Or maybe it is just a lonely season, but if you are staying faith, season will come to end.  Winter is always getting into spring, sometimes, winter is a little longer.  The fact is, we don’t grow very much at the easier time than the tough time.  Although that is difficult, with a right attitude, something will happen inside of you, your character is being developed, root is going down deeper, and you are going to be stronger.


We have some big oaks trees in our back yard, in the winter when all leaves drop.  They are dried outside, but the explores said, ‘Those trees if they did not dry in the winter, wouldn’t be healthy and strong in other seasons.  In the same way, in the tough time in life, inside of us he is going to make stronger.  He is going to let you prepare the great things to store in you.  When it is difficult in the regular bases, you remind yourself, ‘this should pass soon.’ because it is not going to stay forever.  In the mean time, you keep staying in strong, keep in faith, knowing that God is empower you, and you will go through that season.  You are the child of almighty God, He said, we are more than a conquer, you maybe have a difficult time, but remember, God has given you strength, with a good attitude, I am willing to do God is calling me to do, I am strong in the morning, a lot of time we need our faith, I get up, say to myself, ‘I have so many thing to do,’ if I make mistake to have a negative thought, I start to feeling weak and not able to do.  The best thing to do is saying, ‘God, I want to thank you, I am willing, I am quick, I know today you are bigger than any problem, you’re greater than any difficult. I want to thank you and this is going to be a great day.  What I am going to do? I am powering myself.  I am shaking off the weakness, shaking off the ‘can’t do’ mentality.


Scripture says in Isaiah that we have to take hold in God’s strength.  We cannot get up just have this power; we must make a decision to take hold of God’s strength.  Your feeling will be changed if you get your mind with your mouth going to the right directions.


We must think about what we can do, we take the strength of God.  The key is you have a strength right now, why you don’t try right now, for today first, don’t thing about tomorrow. Don’t think about the five years from now ‘how can I get along with this person?’ No. You just receive God’s strength in this moment. 


Every morning, you are saying, ‘Father, I am taking and holding your strength today, I know you got good thing to store, I know this is difficult, I am staying in FAITH.  You are going to give me power, strength, and wisdom.’ I’ve been empowered from almighty God.  If I am showing a right attitude, God is going to give me joy in what I am doing.


God will not let me do more than what I cannot handle, the same power that Christ rose up from dead is inside of me, I’m in dangers of the enemy.  You think this way; your whole attitude will come to right. That means to take hold on God’s strength. Don’t focus on the negative, or who is going to be against you, they are going to take away your joy, your energy and your strength.  You have to shake off the pity party, weakness portion, don’t complain to anyone. Do you know the more we talk about our problems, the more we are going to get that problem. 


I heard a story about a man who saw one man just about to jump down from the bridge, he said, ‘Don’t jump! Don’t jump! Please tell me the problem, but two minutes later, they both jumped.’ That means if we focus on the negative, talking about our problems, that not going to drive that problem down, you may have difficulty.  You don’t get armor from the governor, the Almighty Father is going to armor you, and He knows exactly what you need.  The battle that you are facing, He knows every tear you ever shake; He knows those people have done you wrong. He sees every thing happened.  Good news is God is going to give you a power. Ph. 4:13 says, ‘I can do everything through him who gives me strength. I am ready to any thing and eager to do anything through Him.  I like that I am empower from Him and I am ready to do anything.  That means nothing too much for me. No obstacle is too difficult because God is giving strength to me.  We are quick, we are anointing it.  Almighty God gives us the ‘can do power’ to each one of us. You have new vision store, hope is going to get stronger. I am going to be more conquered; I have strength to do all things. 


Let these words keep in you again, ‘God has armor you with strength of that battle, you may have a bad news concerning your health, you may have a difficult marriage, it just looks like your dream is going to die, but I’m asking you that you never give up, take hold in God’s strength, shake off the weakness mentality.  God is already give you the ‘can do’ power.  If you get up in faith and start a right attitude, you will drive out all enemies, and you will have victory store in you.

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