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But your strength, O Lord, is round me, you are my glory and the lifter up of my head.
Psalm 3:3

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Gospel Sharing
Title Browsed
在主堶n堅強Be Strong in the Lord  5/23/201923
"敬拜的最真誠:效法耶穌Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Worship"   5/9/2019104
協調合一之體Harmony in the Body  5/2/2019139
在基督堜M解Reconciled in Christ  4/25/201983
演變的恩典Transforming Grace  4/18/2019168
復活的大能Resurrection Power  4/11/2019110
慶祝拯救Celebrating Redemption  4/4/201996
我在主埵陶葝焍 Rejoice in the Lord  3/28/2019133
我要認識耶穌I Want to Know Christ  3/23/2019138
"我上鍊I Am in Chains" 3/10/2019  3/7/2019142
有您在我心陫 Have You in My Heart  2/28/2019128
謙恭得報賞The Reward of Humility  2/21/2019280
富財主和拉撒路The Rich Man and Lazarus" 2/17/2019  2/14/2019249
人生不再於富有Life Does Not Consist in Abundance" 2/10/2019  2/7/2019261
七十二人之傳教團The Mission of the 72   1/31/2019302
黑暗被擊敗DARKNESS DEFEATED   1/24/2019318
耶穌,醫治者 "Jesus the Healer" 1/20/2019  1/17/2019334
主的安息日  1/11/2019228
耶穌顯示祂的天職  12/28/2018388
在教堂   12/28/2018373
ㄧ嬰孩出生   12/23/2018253
他的名就是約翰   12/13/2018312
約翰的出生預言John's Birth Foretold  12/1/2018334
上帝呼召一位新領袖God Calls a New Leader  11/8/2018969
上帝在進行中之應許God’s Ongoing Promise  11/1/2018563

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