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Happy is the man who does not go in the company of sinners, or take his place in the way of evil-doers, or in the seat of those who do not give honour to the Lord.
Psalms 1:1

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Gospel Sharing
Title Browsed
慶祝我們的來源Celebrating Where We Came From  8/27/2020413
認過之禱告A Prayer of Confession  8/13/2020174
讀,記與復原 Reading, Remembering, And Restoring  7/9/2020597
一個充滿熱情的人 A Person with Passion  6/25/2020542
赦免與團結Letting Go and Grabbing Hold  6/18/2020598
工作前要敬拜Worship Before Work  6/11/2020450
懼怕與不信Fear and Doubt  5/28/2020522
3/29/20耶穌是愛禱告者The Loving Pray-er  2/21/2020961
3/22/20耶穌是謙恭的僕人The Humble Servant  2/21/2020347
先知們 論及 耶穌The Prophets Point to Jesus“光已來到A Light Has Come  12/26/2019847
“我要作一件新事 !”I Am Doing a New Thing !”  12/26/2019267
先知們論及耶穌The Prophets Point to Jesus 2. “神同在的喜樂The Joy of God’s Presence" 西番雅書Zephaniah  12/7/20191090
一個簡單的福音A Simple Gospel” 11/23/2019  11/21/2019627
"簡單之福音A Simple Gospel” 11/23/2019  11/21/2019638
“傳播神的話The Word Spreads” 11/16/2019  11/14/20191064
“上帝回應禱告God Answers Prayer!” 11/09/2019  11/6/2019950
“福音是給予全人類”The Gospel Is for All 11/02/2019  10/31/20192558
“徹底的變性A Radical Transformation” 10/26/2019  10/23/2019644
“引導他人認識基督Leading Others to Christ” 10/19/19  10/17/2019378
“放膽講論 神的道Spoke the Word of God Boldly”  9/25/2019491
“尊重生命”“Respect for Life  8/6/20192915
“尊榮和崇敬老人”“Honoring and Supporting Seniors"  8/1/20192428
“最妙的道是愛”“The Most Excellent Way Is Love  7/25/20192423
在主堶n堅強Be Strong in the Lord  5/23/20191840
"敬拜的最真誠:效法耶穌Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Worship"   5/9/20191240

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God Uses Wicked to Accomplish His Purpose (2) 

God Uses Wicked to Accomplish His Purpose (1) 



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