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Happy is the man who does not go in the company of sinners, or take his place in the way of evil-doers, or in the seat of those who do not give honour to the Lord.
Psalms 1:1

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The secrets of having a happy life are Eating Healthier Foods; Guarding Your Heart; Keeping a Cheerful Heart: Being Joyful Always; Living with Confidence; Having Self-Control; Controlling Your Anger; Controlling Your Words; Saying Sweet Words Like Honey; Being Patience; Having Peace with One Another; Doing Good to All; and Loving Never Fails. Now, I am going to introduce these secrets through CDs musical tones.

1. Eating Healthier Foods

We need develop better habits to take care of our health. We don’t need to have miracles; we do need the life style change.
There are lots of things that we cannot control in life. We cannot control the weather; cannot control the air we breathe; cannot control the people around us; but we can control what we put into our mouths. Many people don’t realize today, the reason they don’t feel well, the reason they don’t have energy, they feel headache, and sometime even more serious disease, because what they put into their systems every day. One expert says, the food in America was designed to stand life but not designed to stand health. A hundred years ago, we didn’t have heart disease. The cancer that we have today, we need to change our diets. We have much process with fine food. Food with chemicals for preserving, last longer, but it is not necessarily good for us.

We develop bad habit to eat junk food, eaten too much food, not drink enough of water, all of theses things can be harmful to us. We need at least eight coups of water per day, to run our system well. We need Five Basic Balanced Foods in order to stay healthy.

I know people take asplin, they have headache every day, two or three times per day to take an asplin for preventing pains I’ve seen many people always tired and no energy, and sometime they try to correct this with coffing, coffee, cola, or need a candy bar. Some people a consensually medicated. They are taking cold medicine; their bodies have all kinds of chemicals. I really believe much of these can go away; we wouldn’t need to stimulate with chemicals, if we just get our systems in balance. Much of these have to do with our diets.

The National Academic Science says, “Sixty percents of female cancers have to do with nutrition; Forty percents of male cancers are nutrition related, that tell me if I just get a discipline of eaten the right food. We can pay attention to our diets. Basically, I have 50 percents of less chance developing cancer. If you don’t do this for yourself, you should do this for your family. You should do this for your loved ones.

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